OxyCheq Oxygen Nitrox Analyzer

OxyCheq Oxygen Nitrox Analyzer
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Well divers wanted a durable, compact oxygen analyzer with a user replaceable sensor, readily available batteries, a splash-proof case and at a reasonable price. The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer meets this criteria and more. They designed an electronic circuit that is easy to calibrate and uses a long life sensor. They used the most reliable parts made and enclosed the electronics and sensor in a compact, sturdy, custom molded ABS case. The case, digital panel meter, potentiometer, on/off switch, and sensor, are sealed to protect the electronics inside the enclosure from harsh elements.

The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer is splash-proof. The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer comes with a compact carrying case with foam to protect your investment. It also has room for other items such as the optional remote flow restrictor, batteries, or a sensor. Both enriched air divers and technical divers will truly appreciate the compact size, durability, performance, ease of operation, reliability and sensor life. The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer set the standard in performance, price and quality for oxygen analyzers for the diving community. The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer uses a removable cap with a built-in flow restrictor. Although not necessary, you can also attach a 2-3 lpm flow restrictor to the sensor cap/flow restrictor if desired. Calibration can be made in air or pure oxygen and takes seconds. Once the sensor is calibrated, analyzing gas is easy. The user simply opens the cylinder valve until a slow, constant hiss is heard, places the sensor cap restrictor over the gas, and waits for a constant reading. The case and cap are extremely durable and there are no pliable rings to wear out or parts to break off. The sensor cap/restrictor also has the ability to sense gas remotely with an optional flow restrictor that can connect to a low pressure bc hose.

Changing the sensor or batteries is very easy. When you remove the back of our case, all of the electronics are located on the front half of the case. There are no wires attaching the back to the front that can result in strains on the leads when replacing the sensor or batteries. In limited light conditions and if desired, the user can flip on the backlight.

The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer was designed with simplicity in mind. Once out of the box, the average user will be able to sample gas in minutes. The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer was built to last and perform ... and it does. OxyCheq is known for personal service and attention, They built the OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzer for you and have no doubt you will be extremely pleased with your purchase of this oxygen analyzer.

  • Easy Operation Compact
  • Durable O-Ring Sealed
  • ABA Case splash proof
  • The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzerhas a Built in Flow Restrictor
  • Gas calibration for air or pure oxygen
  • On/Off/On with backlight
  • Easy sensor and battery replacement
  • Fast response long life sensor
  • Temperature Range 0-50c (32-122F)
  • The OxyCheq Expedition Oxygen Analyzerhas a expected battery life of two years / AAA Batteries
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Resolution 0.1% O2 Measurement Range 0.1-100% O2
  • Compact carry and storage case
  • Replacement Sensor: O-13
  • 1 year warranty on instrument, 12 months on sensor
  • Approximate Dimensions: L3.5" x W2.5" x H1.6"
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