TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock

TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock
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The luggage lock TSA security won’t cut off

If you are considering the purchase of a TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock, you need to know that not all TSA luggage locks are created equal. If you want the best in luggage security, you need to consider the purchase of a TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock. These TSA locks provide a higher level of security notification than other TSA locks.

The main difference between a TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock and a regular TSA luggage lock is that the TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock will let you know if luggage has been searched by a TSA agent, or violated by an unknown person, just by looking at your luggage lock.

In addition to immediately showing you if the TSA have opened your bag or not, these TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock might help you prove a claim for damaged/stolen items if such a misfortune occurs.

What makes these TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock Stand Out to TSA Inspectors

Each TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock features a clearly visible red diamond icon on the outside of the lock. This tells the TSA inspector that the lock is TSA approved and that they can open the lock with a special key if needed. If the lock is opened by TSA, the indicator on the outside of the lock changes from green to red so you know immediately by looking at the lock if it was opened.

What’s important about this security feature is that when you retrieve your luggage from baggage claim, when you are still in the airport, you know if your luggage was opened. If a TSA agent opened your bag the security window on this lock changes from green to red indicating the lock has been opened and re-locked. It gives you a chance to quickly confirm that nothing is missing from your luggage or has been added to it. Don't you want to know if someone opened your checked luggage?

Special Features:

  • May be opened with an override device controlled by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents. No SearchAlert lock should be cut off by TSA agents.
  • Feature a Security Window which changes color from Green to Red when any override device is used. This is the true difference that makes our TSA luggage lock stand ahead of the rest.
  • Features a re-settable combination that you can set as many times as you like.

This TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock features a resettable three-dial combination lock which only you can set. The TSA can't do it only you, and with a combination lock there are no keys to lose.

Accepted, certified, and recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), this TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock meets TSA’s standards to allow you to lock your luggage, yet helps them to maintain security at our nation's air and sea ports by allowing TSA personnel to inspect and re-lock bags quickly and easily.

Using the TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock, protects your personal property and at the same time lets you feel confident that you will not be an unwilling participant in illegal activity as a carrier of illicit goods. Search Alert re-settable combination locks not only secure luggage, they act as sophisticated security seals as well.

TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock are meant to keep honest people honest. If a dishonest employee wants to get into your suitcase, they most likely could. These locks should be considered primarily as a way of stopping your suitcases from accidentally being opened, not as a 100% way of thief-proofing them. However, if a thief has a choice between a locked and unlocked bag they will most likely choose to pilfer the unlocked one.

Available in Silver Only!

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