Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins

Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins
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The Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins combine TUSA’s rich history of performance fin design with the latest advanced materials and hydrodynamic innovations. A completely new design, the Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins has several unique features that deliver superior propulsion, speed and maneuverability.

Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins Special Features:
Powered by ForcElast Technology
TUSA patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.)
Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade
Newly designed anatomic foot pocket enhances comfort
Three channel blade with crescent tip maximizes propulsion
Reinforced blade side-rails and vents fine-tune performance
Standard with Anatomic Fin Strap (A.F.S.)
TUSA patented EZ Strap and buckle system

Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins Available Colors: Black (BK), Cobalt Blue (CBL), Fishtail Blue (FB), Flash Yellow (FY), Metallic Dark Red (MDR) Ocean Green (OG),

Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins Available Sizes:
XS, S, M, L-XL

Tusa Solla Open Heel Fins Technology:
ANATOMIC FIN STRAP - The AFS is anatomically shaped to offer a balance of flexibility and control to increase comfort, power transfer and to significantly reduce heel slippage found in many standard flat fin straps.
ANGLED BLADE DESIGN (A.B.D.) - The Angled Blade Design accommodates for this anatomical characteristic and ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kicking cycle.
EZ STRAP AND BUCKLE SYSTEM - TUSA’s EZ strap and Buckle System allows fins to be quickly and easily adjusted with minimal effort. Adjustment can be made while the fins are worn, allowing for a precise fit and ease of removal when necessary.
FORCELAST - A proprietary thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound precisely positioned in an advanced blade and foot pocket structure. ForcElast delivers superior propulsion, efficiency and speed even with moderate power input.

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