Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit

Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit
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Representing a major step in wetsuit innovation, the Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit uses Graphene OMNIRED, a responsive textile that warms the wearer using their own body heat. By tapping this heat-capturing technology, the Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit can insulate for hours without skipping a beat. The body-responsive effects of Graphene, combined with the power of OMNIRED, allow divers to maximize their comfort on every dive. In fact, lab tests have shown a 5-degree Celsius average temp increase over the original OMNIRED Technology.

But Bare didn’t stop at the lining. In a step toward sustainable design, the Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit is made from a clean limestone-based foam that minimizes pollution while performing at the same level (or higher) as petroleum-based alternatives. Dope-dyed fibers cut pollution and wastewater discharge in our textile operations, and water-based glue—rather than solvent—perform over the long life of your Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit while sparing the air of unclean toxins during the production process.

Built into every Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit is the scientifically proven OmniRed Infrared Technology. Thirteen thermo-reactive minerals are woven into the suit’s lining, converting body heat into energy and reflecting it back to your skin. Medical studies have shown that this infrared energy improves the body’s circulation. Increased circulation improves oxygen levels in the body, enabling you to use less energy, improving overall warmth and increasing your dive time.

The Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit is fortified with heat-capturing Graphene Technology—a lining that keeps you warm by tapping your own body heat. Graphene’s carbon nanostructures are embedded in the Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit, converting your outbound body heat into thermal energy and reflecting it back to your body. The extra heat retention—combined with the power of OmniRed infrared fabric—helps you maintain optimal body temps and stay warmer, for longer.


See how the Bare Reactive 3mm Wetsuit reacts to the Human Element.

With the Bare Reactive Wetsuit keeps your thermostat just how you like it. The circulatory system is also the body's heating and cooling regulator. By optimizing blood flow, Omnired Technology makes it easier for the body to maintain its ideal temperature keeping you warm and diving longer.


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