Atomic Full Foot Split Fins

Atomic Full Foot Split Fins
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The Atomic Full Foot Split Fins create the same speed and power as the open heel Atomic Split Fins. Atomic Full Foot Split Fins are designed to be extremely light weight for travel and feature a comfortable open toe foot pocket. Available in 6 sizes for an accurate fit. Available in Black (shown) or Yellow.

Atomic Full Foot Split Fins Available Colors:

Atomic Full Foot Split Fins Available Sizes:
4.5-5.5 (US)
6.0-7.0 (US)
7.5-8.5 (US)
9.0-10.0 (US)
10.5-11.5 (US)
12.0-14.0 (US)

Atomic Full Foot Split Fins Size Chart:


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