Seac Pirana Camouflage Wetsuit

Seac Pirana Camouflage Wetsuit
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The Seac Pirana Camouflage Wetsuit is built from Polyester and lycra Elastic. The Camouflage pattern in green/Yellow/Brown tones. The chest and knees are protected with PU Print pattern and a 7mm chest guard made from Supratex. The Seac Pirana Camouflage Wetsuit also uses the classic beavertail closure but with velcro instead of buttons due to the materials used in this suit.

Seac Pirana Camouflage Wetsuit Special Features:
camouflage wetsuit in polyester
jacket and high-waisted pants two piece with Lycra elastic
Camouflage pattern in green/yellow/brown tones
Materials PU protectors at the knees, elbows and lower back
7.0 mm chest guard in Suprate
Beavertail closure with velcro

Seac Pirana Camouflage Available Sizes:
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