Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask

Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask
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The Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask uses a single tempered glass lens and low profile design to increase underwater field of vision by over 25%. By not having a frame in the center of the mask coming over the nose, the field of vision is increased while still maintaining a low volume. A premium quality double silicone face skirt comfortably seals the Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask to nearly any size and shape face. Textured panels on the outside of the nose pocket make gripping and pinching the nose for equalization easy, even with gloves. Flexible mask strap buckles add to the comfort of the Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask and allow it to be stowed without concern of breaking a buckle. A protective carry case is included with the Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask.

Dive Rite 150 Frameless Mask Technical Specifications:
Single tempered glass lens
Double seal silicone face skirt
Protective case included
Weight 7.2 oz

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