Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer

Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer
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The Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer is an astounding new wrist computer for the most advanced free divers and spear fishermen. The Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer does not contain Scuba diving algorithms and is designed for free diving only. With that in mind, Mares has constructed the perfect dive watch that caters only to the needs of free divers. This makes the Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer one of the greatest wrist computers on the market today for free diving and spear fishing. ,,A new LCD segmented display and scratch-resistant mineral glass gives you optimal visibility in any condition. With the brilliant new display of the Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer you will find interface navigation extremely easy. New software and an advanced performance microprocessor make managing and accessing each option very intuitive. Featuring a simplistic two-button system you can access instant depth information, dive time, water temperature, descent and ascent speeds, recovery time, plan mode, audible alarms, residual nitrogen reset, altitude adjustments, and dive history. Audible alarms can be customized to sound in situations like: depth, time, and recovery, speed, and hydration reminders. ,,The new Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer features modes such as free diving, bottom timer, countdown timer, training modes, and surface mode. Surface mode allows you to wear the computer as a stylish, everyday watch. Free dive mode allows you to access the features mentioned above, as well as access the computer expanded dive memory bank. It will allow you to store up to 9 sessions with reading and data sampling every second. The data stored for each individual dive is easy to access and review. This allows for precise planning of your free dives for recreation, competition, or training. Dive history can also be easily uploaded to your PC or Mac computer for cataloging and view via the Mares Dive Link USB. You can also download updates for firmware as they become available. ,,The Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer is rated to 492' (150 meters). The battery will last up to 200 hours of diving and is user replaceable. The batter indicator on the screen will warn you when battery levels are low. The Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer is one the most versatile watches on the planet and outside of scuba diving haves you covered in every aspect of diving, dive training, and everyday use. The Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer is powered by a user replaceable CR2430 lithium battery, is altitude adjustable has dual time function, has back light for low light conditions, comes with a comprehensive owner's manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Wrist Computer Special Features:
Segmented LCD display
Instantaneous depth, dive time, recovery time, temperature
Descent and ascent rate
Customizable alarms (depth, time, speed, hydration, recovery time)
One second sampling rate
Advanced performance microprocessor
Latest generation depth sensor
Updatable firmware and data download with aftermarket dive link interface
Code - 424153
Max Displayed Depth - 492ft
Memory capacity - 20-30 hours
Profile Sampling Rates - 1 second
Stopwatch - Yes
Display - Segment Display
Watch - Yes
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