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Hollis MOD-1
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Known simply as the "MOD-1", the patented Kirby Morgan two-chamber (Mask & POD) design opens up a myriad of configuration possibilities with both Open Circuit systems and Closed Circuit Rebreather systems.

Used by United States Marines Combat Divers and Military Dive Teams around the world, Professional Underwater Videography Teams and Scientific Dive Teams, the Kirby Morgan Modular Full-Face Mask represents a giant step-up in safety, versatility and convenience over conventional Full-Face Masks (FFMs).

The Hollis MOD-1 utilizes two separately sealed cavities in a single FFM design. The Mask acts exactly like an independently sealed dive mask with a lower Breathing POD that contains the mouthpiece and, if installed, the communications microphone.

Hollis is excited to partner with Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc, the pre-eminent designer of commercial and military diving systems, to bring our divers a product, the MOD-1 with Hollis BOV POD, which will expand possibilities in diving safety, reliability and versatility.

The innovative design of the Kirby Morgan MOD-1 design incorporates a hook and latch system on opposing sides, which allows for rapid and very positive sealing and removal of the Pod from the mask both above and below the water. The Scuba Pod attachment allows divers to easily switch gas, buddy breathe and purge the mask. A tilt to purge valve is located below the demand regulator on the outside of the Pod for effortless dewatering. Scuba Pods with demand regulators can also be configured for DECO stations and safe seconds.

Hollis MOD-1 Special Features:
Easy bailout or gas switching
Safer then standard single chamber FFM designs
Works with prescription lenses
Integrates with comunications systems
Integrates with Hollis BOV Pod
Integrates with Hollis Scuba Pod

Hollis MOD-1 Available Options:
Configuration - MOD Full Face Mask, Mod Full Face Mask w/ Scuba Pod
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