Bare Trek Boots

Bare Trek Boots
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The Bare Trek Boots are worn with all Dry Suits with compression-resistant Soft Boots. They provide superior traction and ankle support for the rocky shore entries, boat decks and boat ladders.

Special Features:

  • Secure Lace-up design with velcro ankle closure.
  • The Bare Trek Boots have a thumb loop for easy donning.
  • Durable toe and heel cap.
  • Fin tab to prevent strap movement.

Available Sizes:

  • Men's 5, Ladies 6
  • Men's 6, Ladies 7
  • Men's 7, Ladies 8
  • Men's 8, Ladies 9
  • Men's 9, Ladies 10
  • Men's 10, Ladies 11
  • Men's 11
  • Men's 12
  • Men's 13

Or you could save a few bucks and go with the DUI Rock Boots.
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