Apollo Bio Fin Pro with Spring Straps

Apollo Bio Fin Pro with Spring Straps
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With the Apollo Bio Fin Pro with Spring Straps, your body will barley register the effort of kick but with each kick you are definitely moving... and moving Fast!

Now what makes the Apollo Bio Fin Pro's with Spring Straps different from the original Apollo Bio Fin Pro is the Apollo C-Strap Spring Straps. Whether your dive is for business or pleasure; the time it takes to replace a broken strap can be costly. Don’t lose another dollar or miss that once in a lifetime moment to strap problems

Apollo was the first to recognize the potential of the split fin-technology. There are many split-fins on the market today. However the Apollo Bio Fin Pro with Spring Strap is the only split-fin produced with 100% natural rubber. The Apollo Bio Fin Pro's with Spring Straps were first awarded Testers Choice in 1999 and have continued to win it again and again every year.

Used by Navy Seals and Army Rangers, you just can't beat that kind of recommendation.

With speed, comfort, and maneuverability; you can have it all. Extensive field testing has shown that each participant was able to reach and sustain higher speeds when using the Apollo Bio Fin Pro with Spring Strap than they could achieve with conventional paddle type fins.

Divers state that when swimming with underwater speedometers or on timed runs along a measured underwater course in full scuba gear, the fins are so efficient that they can swim easily at a relaxed pace without any fatigue or strain.

Improved cruise speeds combined with reduced effort and decreased air consumption greatly increase the distances that can be covered in a dive. Every level of diver , from the student to the most advanced technical diver, will benefit from using the Apollo Bio Fin Pro's with Spring Straps.

Equipped with an adjustable natural rubber heel strap and quick release buckles these fins are built to fit just about anybody and will last you a lifetime.

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink (X-Small, Small and Medium Only)

Available Sizes:

  • XSmall (XS)
  • Small (SM)
  • Medium (MD)
  • Large (LG)
  • X-Large (XL) (only available in Black or Blue)

For men's sizes, depending on whether or not you use hard or soft soled booties (go slightly larger for hard soles) Small for 6 or 7, Medium for 8 or 9, Large for 9 or 11 and X-Large for 12 and up.

Already have the fins but just want the Spring Straps? Try the Apollo C-Straps Spring Straps.
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