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Scuba Regulator Repair

Our trained Scuba regulator repair technicians will do a total scuba regulator repair, or annual overhaul of your scuba regulator for just $69.95 plus rebuild parts. A Scuba Regulator Repair, also known as a Scuba Annual Service will include a complete disassembly, sonic cleaning of all metal parts, replacing or inspection and cleaning of all internal components, lubing, and re-assembling the regulators, 1st and 2nd stage and your octo (Octo inflators are a $29.95 additional charge). With your regulator repair we will also check, lube and replace your HP Gauge o-rings and spool. All batteries will be replaced at a cost of $19.95 each unless otherwise noted on the regulator repair form or with the exception of non-user replaceable batteries. Then your regulator will be cycled multiple times to assure proper seating of the internal components. After the break in, it will be fine tuned and adjusted to specs on our flow bench.


After we complete your regulator repair we will ship your scuba regulator back to you, we will include the stats on your regulator service with the intermediate pressure of the first stage, and cracking pressures of your second stages. The return shipping normally runs anywhere from $15.00 to $25.00 depending where it's going.

If we run into any unforeseen problems when performing your regulator repair, like dry rotted hoses, cracks in regulator bodies, etc, we will contact you before we spend any of your money! So please make sure you fill out our Scuba Regulator Repair Form fully with a best contact method in case we need to get in touch with you to finish your service.

Regulator repair or regulator service should be performed every 12 months for most Scuba regulators, there are a couple out there that only require you to perform regulator repair every other year. If you are not sure if it is time for your annual regulator repair just give us a call and we will be happy to help!


Scuba Regulator Repair and service prices

Annual Regulator Service (Plus Parts) $69.95
Annual BCD Service (Plus Parts) $19.95
Annual BCD with Octo Service (Plus Parts) $29.95
Computer Battery Replacement (Most Models) $19.95
Tank Visual Inspection $15.00
Tank Hydro Inspection Includes VIP $59.95

All prices is based on normal service conditions.

Our service technicians are fully factory certified!

We are experiencing longer than normal turn around time.
Expect 5-6 weeks for your regulator to be completed once it arrives at our shop.


Thank you for choosing us for your regulator repair!


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