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Scubatoys BLOGScuba Tanks: Buy or Rent?

We've talked about the advantages of owning your own snorkel gear, wetsuits, regulators and BCDs in our previous posts, But what about buying your own tanks?
Many divers feel they don't need their own tanks since there are advantages of renting. We'll explore the advantages of renting and what to look in today's post. In our next post, we'll discuss the many advantages of owning your own tanks!

Why Rent Your Scuba Tanks?
Convenience: This is a no-brainer because it is usually more convenient to hop on the dive boat and the tanks are already there, set up and waiting for you. No hauling tanks through airport security, in and out cars or taxis, finding somewhere to store them in your accommodations, etc. No Maintenance Worries: The dive shop or tour operator is responsible for inspecting the tanks, visually at least annually and hydrostatically every five years in many countries, including the U.S. Read More On Our Scubatoys Blog

Through our Commercial Dive Department, we have supplied scuba gear for all 4 military branches; Navy Seals, Army Divers, Marines and Air Force, as well as the FBI, Home Land Security, The Border Patrol and Secret Service dive teams. No matter what scuba equipment your Dive Team needs, from Commercial Dive Equipment, Scuba Equipment Repairs, or any dive related products...Read More On Our Scubatoys Blog

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Here Is What Divers Are Saying Right Now!
I’m thinking about trying underwater photography, can any one help? Getting proper training (or just reading more online articles) would help you figure out what works for you. I know that some of the better equipment costs more. The less the equipment costs the better a photographer you need to be. I look at how much money can you afford to spend, buy what I can afford then practice with it until I get better… Read More On Our Scubatoys Blog

About ScubatoysWho we are and how we got here!

Scubatoys is a family owned and operated Business and it’s a large family my 4 kids (Ricky, Joey, Wayne & Sam) then we have my son-in-law (chip) and my beautiful wife (Sandy) I am a very lucky man… I get to work with my kids and wife everyday. Larry started Scubatoys in 1997 in small 1500 sq foot store front and was soon joined by Myself (Big Joe) at which time we formed the Ask Joe & Larry articles. We have since grown and are now in a 10,000 Sq foot freestanding building in Carrollton, Tx. We certify over 800 students a year making us the largest NAUI certifying facility in the US. 8 years ago Larry left to open Gatsplat Paintball In Lewisville Tx. & Joe continues the Scubatoys family business. About Scubatoys

We are very proud of our reputation of offering the best customer service in the business. This may sound like a cliché but that is how clichés start… We all believe if you treat your customers the way you would want to be...